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Efima develops and implements digital business and financial management processes. Efima believes in fit-for-purpose services, efficiency, agility and transparency in serving large and mid-sized organisations from all industries.

In 2010 we designed Efima’s brand strategy and a visual identity to communicate it. The visual identity was based on animal imagery which portrayed Efima’s characteristics and strengths.

In five years Efima grew from a four strong band to an organisation of nearly one hundred. Efima is one of the fastest growing companies in its field in Finland and a desired place to work. Growth introduced the need to refresh the brand identity.

In 2015 we launched the Efima Evolution brand strategy. The new visual identity is a natural continuation to the animal theme. We transferred Efima’s characteristics and identity from animals to humans. We invited a multidisciplinary group of artists and created something exceptional.

The new Efima identity breaks visual conventions of Efims's industry. Efima believes in strong visual communication and reflects thought leadership with the bold new look.

We are the brand police for Efima. We design campaigns and manage day-to-day application of the visual identity and direct the tone of voice: on the web, in advertising, publications; indoors and outdoors.

Body paint
Riina Laine

: Efima Evolution making-of video
Efima: Efima evolution photo 1
Efima: Logo
Efima: Efima evolution photo 3
Efima: Efima evolution photo 4
Efima: Efima evolution website 2
Efima: Efima evolution website 4
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 1
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 2
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 4
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 5
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 6
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 8
Efima: Efima Evolution making-of photo 9
Efima: Efima at Ruoholahti
Efima: Efima 2010
Efima: Space / Logo
Efima: Space / Brochures
Efima: 360-brochure
Efima: Efima-jobs
Efima: Efima-direct
Efima: Efima Efilis pin
Efima: Efima advertising
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